3 Common Car Buying Mistakes

Buying a new car can be very exciting and fun for any first time buyer. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when trying to find your new set of wheels like, what model, color, and features. However, there are some things that people over look or forget about when they are buying a car. These mistakes can lead to you spending more money than necessary and getting a car that doesn’t fit your needs.

One mistake is not doing your research before going to the dealership. This doesn’t just mean thinking about what type or model of car you want, but also what the prices of these cars may be. By going into the dealership and saying you aren’t sure makes you and easy target for sales people to talk you into buying a car or model that doesn’t suit your needs. If you haven’t looked at prices or financing either, you may wide up spending more than you should. Before going to the dealership, do your research, look at different cars online and their prices. Check out what different accessories or extras may cost as well so that you have a good idea of what the car on the lot may cost. Another thing to consider is the difference between new and used cars of the same model. junkyards near me

If you sometimes say a little too much or don’t have a filter, you might want to work on that. People who voice their opinions like “I love this car” are normally leads you to be taken for a ride in price. Dealers see you as more vulnerable when you let emotion or desperation play into your decision about a car. Saying things like “I need a car” or “I have to get a car” may lead to price inflation on whatever car you “have” to have. Try to seem indifferent about the car you are looking at. This may mean instead of saying “I love the heated seats” you may say “The heated seats are a nice feature” without any mention of needing, wanting, liking, or loving it. Also, try not to reveal your occupation; doing so may make the sales person thing you are willing to pay more than what the car is worth.

Want and need are two different things. You may want that sporty two-seater convertible when in actuality you need a simple 4-door car that gets a decent gas mileage in the city. Think about how you drive your current car to decide what it is that you need, or even think about the very near future for how you may use your car. If you only drive your car back and forth to work, you aren’t going to need that truck that can haul a large load cross country. Buy a car that is practical for your current needs and situation. Perhaps you are expecting a new bundle of joy, well, you aren’t going to want that sporty 2-seater; you are going to need a safe car that will allow a car seat, stroller, and anything else that you may need for your child. When thinking about future situations, don’t think too far into the future because you may buy a car that you don’t need. This may mean buying a car that can be used for when you finally buy that boat you have been wanting. If don’t have it now and there isn’t a need for it now or in the very near future, you will be buying something that doesn’t fit your current needs.

These are just three things that people do when they buy a car. There are many other things you need to take into consideration like financing or loans, and insurance. Also, don’t allow yourself to be talked into getting a car that you don’t need or can’t afford. While at the dealership, remember why you are there and keep in mind what you need and want from your car. However, try not to stay set on one type of make and model, test drive several different models from different dealerships. This can help you get a car that fits your needs at the right price.


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