Engineered Wood Floors

Since the Victorian era, hardwood floors have been considered to be among the most elegant of home design features. New technological advances have created engineered hardwood floors as the newcomer in home flooring elegance.

Engineered wood flooring looks just like the wood floors of the past, but underneath the surface, engineered hardwood is a complex work of technological art. The engineered wood floors consist of several layers of material glued together to make up each panel. Generally, the panels will consist of 3 to 5 layers, each ranging in thickness from ΒΌ inch and 9/16 inch.

The veneer layers that make up engineered wood floors provide many advantages over wood floors. They improve acoustics by providing acoustic isolation. They are more resistant to damage from humidity and moisture as well.

These floors are able to help protect the rest of your furniture and walls from damage because they themselves will not spread such things as wood rot and mildew. This has made these engineered wood floors very popular for basement use. used engines near me

All of these advantages can be obtained without the average person being able to tell an engineered floor from any other wood floor. In fact, you may have more choices in your area in the variety of woods available for the engineered floor. The most popular wood grain surfaces, birch and oak, are readily available in most areas.

Being made up of a variety of layers gives engineered wood panels a level of durability that ordinary wood panels cannot match. The additional stability afforded by these layers make wood panels a better choices for installation on top of concrete or old wood floors.

Floors can be engineered in a variety of manners to fit the local conditions. In an area with high humidity, for example, manufacturers can use a material such as oak for the underlying layers for oak’s ability to resist moisture damage. Local woods with flexible properties may be used in areas prone to shifting ground. Meanwhile, the top surface layer can be made for whatever grain design best suits your home.

The installation of an engineered wood floor is just like that of any other wood floor. There are no special measures that need to be taken. It can be made for all of the popular hardwood floor installation techniques. So whether you want to attempt the staple down technique, nail down technique, glue down technique, or floating technique, you can do this just as easily using engineered wood panels as you can with standard wood floor panels.

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