Why I Like Watching Movies

There are a number of people who feel that there is nothing more entertaining as compared to watching their favorite movies as these are considered as very much visually stimulating. Always bear in mind that there are many movies that always have their own personal charm, and even if you are just not able to learn everything from any movie, still you find them very much entertaining and effective. Our mind is very much obsessed by the auditory and visual stimulation as compared to any other system of learning, including reading books. The fact is that when you are watching movies you certainly need less concentration and focus as compared to reading books, and this where most people are interested in.

Watching movies, certainly can offer a lot to ordinary man in terms of developing their intellectual skills. When watching movies you just have to put in all your efforts to imagine actions and scenes and the best part is that movies also provide you with an opportunity where you just never have to try and make much use of imagination to recreate words. Movies also help in rapidly transmitting all set of messages instantly to our brain. This is also considered as one of the best and most effective ways for synapsing information to our brain, increasing our overall intelligence and creativity. Movies are also best means to educate people in masses in the field of science, arts, technology and psychology.

As movies are always here with us on one platform or another, so you can also think of them as best means to pass on your wisdom and knowledge from one generation to another. There are a number of movie makers who always work for improving vision of mankind by simply trying to recreate stories and scenes from one era to another. Movies, in simple terms are also regarded as one of the best means to educate the present generation about their past, present and future.Did you know that you can watch movies on Xbox 360 instantly? A short while ago, Netflix and Microsoft teamed up to bring you this amazing service, and now it is available to everyone who owns an Xbox and has a Netflix subscription.

Basically, anyone with a subscription and an active Xbox Live account can log on to their Netflix account and watch any movie that has been placed in the “instant queue”. Movies must be added manually using your computer, and cannot be added through the Xbox itself. Also, not all movies are available for instant streaming. There are literally thousands of movies that can be streamed instantly, but I suspect that it will be a while before each and every Netflix movie will be available as an Xbox 360 movie.

The whole process is pretty nifty. You can go to your computer, add a movie or two, and go over to your Xbox. By the time you get there, the movie will be automatically placed in your instant Q over Xbox Live. From there, you can simply select the movie, and it will begin to load. It usually takes about 10-30 seconds to load a movie in the beginning, as it has to determine your video quality. If you have a very good internet signal, you will get a better video quality and faster loading times. If you have a slow internet signal, then you will automatically get a lower quality version of whatever movie you are watching. This just makes it so that the movie(s) can load quicker and to minimize waiting time.

One of the best devices on the market to is from Microsoft, which has made the experience of watching movies on Zune an unforgettable experience. The Zune is a multimedia player that does more than allow one to view video clips.

Ultimate Player – It can also hold music, display all sorts of pictures in various formats, and there is also software and games designed specifically on the platform. However, it is watching movies on its large and beautiful screen that affects consumer decisions the most when they are in the market for a new mp3 / video player. Let’s take a look at the advantages of owning a Zune as a video player.

Screen Estate

Big Screen – One of the highlights of the Zune player is its 240×320 pixel screen that is so large that you don’t have to strain your eyes when you are watching a video clip or a movie. This is one of the largest screens on a portable mp3 / video player in the market.

The 3-inch screen is brightly lit and if you were to download or convert a DVD onto this device, the quality would be no different than if you were watching on a television screen. The crisp and clear display is something that many Zune owners look forward to whenever they use this device.

Availability Of Videos

Formats for Zune – Another advantage of the Zune player is that it can play video in one of three formats: MPEG4, WMV, and MOV. These are the major video formats and the most used on mobile devices and computers these days. And because these formats are the most common, it is not a surprise to see the large amounts of video content that can be downloaded off of the Internet through various subscription-based unlimited video providers.

Zune Sites – There are many sites that offer all sorts of options. For about $60 in total ดูหนังออนไลน์  (and even less) these sites can give members access to their thousands of various video clips and movies. And the best thing is that members can download them forever. This means that availability of clips for the device is endless.


Sure, it may be common to watch movies on a mobile device that has such a small screen. But movies on Zune are just such a delight to the senses. Not only does the 30 gigabyte storage allow one to keep at least ten full feature films in the device, the 80 gigabyte version allows even more monster storage!

Wireless – Also, short video clips can be shared over WIFI between Zune users. Now this brings mobility to a whole new level. Imagine sharing your favorite video clips with friends and family so they can take them around showing other people as well. It’s definitely an experience that Microsoft thought about clearly.


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